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How Jesus Fulfilled the Law: A Pronomian Pocket Guide to Matthew 5:17-20

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Remember the Sabbath: What the New Testament Says about Sabbath Observance for Christians

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Let No One Judge You - Ryan R.L. Watson - Colossians 2 - Pronomian Pocket Guide

Let No One Judge You: A Pronomian Pocket Guide to Colossians 2

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Pronomian Publishing LLC exists to bring you quality, pronomian scholarship written not just for the scholar, but for the layperson. all of our books center around the person and gospel of jesus Christ while defending god’s righteous law.

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David Wilber is an author, Bible teacher, and Messianic/Christian apologist. He has authored several books and numerous theological articles. Additionally, David speaks at churches and conferences across the nation and serves as a researcher and Bible teacher for 119 Ministries, Founded in Truth Fellowship, Freedom Hill Community, and InspiringPhilosophy. David currently lives in Lake Wylie, SC, with his wife and two children. Connect with David on his website:

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