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Author: Aaron Bishop

The story of Passover is one of the oldest and best known stories in the world. It is an ancient story of redemption that captures the imagination like no other. The simple fact is that most people are at least passingly familiar with the Passover narrative. We see it in movies and read of it in the Bible. There are many Christians who keep the memorial of Passover yearly and take part in reliving the journey with Israel. Paul says that Jesus is our Passover, but what does this mean? While this story is well known, few have truly plumbed the depths of this special time. Come along on a journey to uncover the underlying cultural, historical, scriptural, and symbolic beauty of this festival, and discover your own part in the Passover story.

$19.95 (paperback)
$9.95 (ebook)

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Personal and applicable for the modern believer (★★★★★)
“I was one of the alpha readers for this book, as soon as it came out I had to get it. Great read, very insightful even for today. I love the application of the tri-themes. The guide at the end for how to host a Passover is easy to follow, and I’ll definitely be using it for my family this year.”
—Amazon Customer

Fantastic (★★★★★)
This book is a fantastic look into why Passover is such a beautiful memorial. I’m excited to use the tips for hosting your own Seder.
—Amazon Customer

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