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Author: David Wilber

Should Christians keep the Sabbath? Many today believe that we should. However, it is often said that the Sabbath was repealed or changed in the New Testament. What does the New Testament actually say about Sabbath observance for Christians? David Wilber takes readers back to the Scriptures to discover the answer to this question. In this book, you will learn what the New Testament says about this sacred day of rest and why it matters to Christians.

$17.95 (paperback)
$9.95 (ebook)

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“David Wilber’s Remember the Sabbath is a thorough exegetical study of the Sabbath in the New Testament. Using a detailed contextual analysis of the Sabbath passages in the New Testament, David makes a strong case for the relevance of the Sabbath commandment for Jewish and Gentile believers alike. This book is written from a Christian perspective with an emphasis on answering common objections and questions related to practical observance of the Sabbath. Diligent students of Scripture will greatly benefit from this thought-provoking book.”
Dr. Igal German, Moody Theological Seminary, Yesod Bible Center, and International Biblical Apologetics Association

Remember the Sabbath provides an effective introduction to the historical and theological aspects of the Sabbath. David’s arguments are logical and thorough, and he provides excellent resources for further study. For anyone looking into the question of whether Christians should consider the Sabbath, this book is an invaluable resource.”
Mark Jacob, 119 Ministries

“In our day of Messianic restoration, many Believers have been convicted of the significant importance of God’s Torah. An integral part of the Torah is the seventh-day Sabbath, embodied in the Fourth Commandment. Today’s world—and especially the Body of Messiah—needs a day of rest! In a very uplifting and explorative way, David Wilber takes you on a journey of how he came to the conclusion that the Sabbath is an important institution that all of God’s people need to be seriously considering. I am both humbled and encouraged to see that my teachings and writings have played a role in his journey. I sincerely hope that Remember the Sabbath is able to make a positive contribution to the growth and stability of the unique work that the Lord is doing in this hour!”
J.K. McKee, Messianic Apologetics and Outreach Israel Ministries

“Succinct, superb, well-thought out, and extremely well documented are all the thoughts that come to mind when reading Remember the Sabbath by David Wilber. This book takes you on a very rewarding journey through the Scriptures, digging deeply into the topic of the Sabbath and its relevance to the life of a believer. From the establishment of the Sabbath at creation all the way to its transition to Sunday as the contemporary mainstream application of the Sabbath, David documents this topic in an exhaustive fashion, drawing upon multiple scholars and theologians in the process. The result is a cohesive, complete, and surprisingly easy-to-read story that will be an encouragement to your daily walk with The Lord!”
Pastor Daniel Musson, Hebraic Family Fellowship

“In Remember the Sabbath, David leaves no stone unturned concerning the much-debated topic of the Biblical Sabbath day. David’s methodical approach is easy to follow and exhaustive in detail. The transition of the Sabbath evolving from Saturday to Sunday has a complex history and one that I was pleased to see documented in such length here. I would recommend this book as a resource to anyone interested in learning more concerning the Biblical Sabbath day, why it was important in both the Old and New Testaments, and how Christians could benefit from honoring it today.”
Pastor Matthew Vander Els, Founded in Truth Fellowship

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Excellent Theological Treatise on the Sabbath (★★★★★)
“I have read many books on the subject but this one by David Wilber, is by far the best. He had me hooked in from the very beginning and I couldn’t put the book down till I was finished. While it is a deep work, it is understandable to your everyday Bible enthusiast. David does an incredible job balancing academic scholarship, with down to earth, simple explanations. I highly recommend this book. If you are in the fence about getting it, get it, read it and like me, let others know about it. No matter what side you are on, I believe that this will help you think more clearly about an important Biblical subject.”
—Pastor Joshua Alvarez

Thorough and persuasive overview of why we should keep sabbath (★★★★★)
“I was super impressed with the amount of content that David included in such a short book. If you’re looking for a compelling and easy to read source to brush up your defense of the sabbath, or to give a non-Sabbath keeping friend, this is the one. The first chapter alone is worth the money; in it, he lays out a systematic exegesis of NT sabbath texts while appealing to multiple experts/scholars in the field. After the first chapter, the rest of the book is dedicated to answering objections and questions to keeping Sabbath. I can tell there was a lot of preparation and time put into this book, and it certainly exceeded my expectations.”
—Reynolds Fam

If I could only recommend one book on the Sabbath, it would be this one! (★★★★★)
“If I could only pick one book (besides Scripture) to recommend to believers in Yeshua (Jesus) on the Sabbath, it would be this one. Since the issue of Sabbath observance is clear in the Torah, Prophets, and Writings, David builds a scriptural case for the Sabbath’s ongoing validity from the Apostolic Writings (Matthew-Revelation). He then refutes the most common objections to the Sabbath (Is it repealed? Has it been replaced by Sunday? Is it only for the Jews?), while explaining, historically, how the Sabbath was eventually abandoned, often in favor of Sunday observance. The book concludes with practical tips on how to keep the Sabbath and answers common, relevant questions about Sabbath observance in the 21st century. This book is, in my opinion, unprecedented in two ways. First, it balances Scripture, history, and practicality for the believer in Yeshua (Jesus), in less than 200 pages. This is no small feat. Second, it draws upon some of the best scholarship available on the subject of the Sabbath, pulling from monumental works such as Samuele Bacchiocchi’s “From Sabbath to Sunday” (and many others) and concisely presenting information that readers should know. While those other works are great, David has condensed this scholarship in a way that every believer can understand, while also making the sources available for anyone who wants to study further. I believe that this book will magnify the name of Yahweh and our great God and savior, Yeshua the Messiah!
—Xavier P.

Thought Provoking (★★★★★)
“This book was very well researched, but relatively easy to understand. It brings to light an important topic that we should probably take a closer look at. Should we keep all ten commandments, or just nine of them?”
—Andrea J.

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