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Author: R. L. Watson

Does Paul say that the Law was nailed to the cross? Does Paul imply that his readers disregarded the Law when he instructs them not to accept judgment from people in regard to food, festivals, and the Sabbath? In this short book, R. L. Watson considers these questions and more.

Our Pronomian Pocket Guide series aims to show that the New Testament is consistent in proclaiming the Law’s ongoing validity. We hope you are blessed as you consider Colossians 2 from a Pronomian perspective.

$7.95 (paperback)
$4.95 (ebook)

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Recommended read for people who are seeking truth and are willing to push past tradition to get it (★★★★★)
“I was studying another teaching in which R. L. Watson was quoted, and I was prompted to look him up. When I did, this book popped up and I knew I needed to read it. This book is definitely packed with truth that gets past much tradition. I recommend this for anyone who is seeking to know Him and His ways better. It blows holes in a lot of ‘traditional church doctrine’ and denominational walls which, frankly, need to come down. It speaks to the academic mind, while also conveying truths that are clearly understandable to the layman.”
—Jeremy Leisy

Short, but very sweet (★★★★★)
“This is another great pocket-guide sized publication from Pronomian Publishing. It’s about 50 pages which is enough to make an impact (which this book does), while being short enough to easily share with others. This is a must-read for the biblically-minded christian, and may be the kind of book you find yourself buying over and over again to share with others!”
—Tommy Hodgins

Fantastic book! (★★★★★)
“This was a terrific read! I enjoyed how the author communicated in this book. He was able to expound on the spirit of what Colossians 2 is teaching in an easy to follow along way.”
—Robert Duffie

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